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Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud has made it so that you get a lot more today that you could've gotten years ago. There is no need for a messy home-grown system that only does part of what you need. Software has evolved, and we have taken the opportunity to put it together and bring it to market for you. That's what gives...:)
Maestro is powerful but easy to adopt. We are a combination of software, services and hands-on guidance. We've aggregated the best cloud software in the market, built our own software on top of it, and made it secure and accessible for you. We're providing a lot of value and managing it so you can focus on your business. This is not a download and figure it out for yourself situation, or a "sign up and just start using it without talking to anyone" situation. This is like getting a personal IT project for a fraction of the cost.
Just tell us you're interested. We set up Maestro for you. We collect all of the things needed to run your business (files, contacts, logo, document templates, etc.) and build it out for you so you don't have to do much to get started. We handle the heavy lifting and technical steps. You just start using it.
Yes, there is ample documentation, as Maestro uses open source tools that are widely adopted and documented with manuals and training videos. Coda also offers on boarding services and advanced training. Our goal is to get you successful on our software.
Maestro is priced to fit any sized business.  Because it is cloud-based, pricing can fit your specific needs. Maestro is priced with a flat monthly base cost, with additional cost based on usage.
Maestro is a cross-industry solution. The features and business outcomes apply to any business, whether it's a large enterprise running a complex supply-chain, or a small business managing work orders, Maestro fits all.