About Us

Moved By Music

Coda is a term used in music to designate a passage that brings a piece to a beautiful end. It is an expanded cadence, taking elements of the whole piece and bringing it to a more dramatic and impactful end.
Coda Global does exactly that, but for your business. We compose the essential elements of the structure of your business — providing the final piece, the balance in your business to deliver the exceptional results you need to be relevant and competitive.


We strive to deliver business outcomes at consumer speeds. To do this, we’ve turned an outdated IT model on its head, developing a monthly subscription that makes even the most advanced technology accessible and affordable. From business functionality to support and global delivery, our solutions are end-to-end.

A Different Composition

Coda Global is equal parts technology company and solutions provider. Our team has varied and deep roots in the IT space. After working together and having years of conversations about how things could be different, what customers really want, and how to create something better, Coda finally came together in 2015.
We saw a clear and distinct shift in customer needs: Businesses were turning away from costly, fully customized software and seeking a better and more cost-effective way to embrace new technology.
So, we innovated. By developing a monthly subscription-based model, we are now able to streamline technology and allow businesses to get the technology they need while keeping IT and operational costs low.

Solutions Done in a New Way

Our monthly subscriptions make even the most advanced technology accessible and affordable.