Mobility Suite

Mobility Suite


We invite you to take part in a social experiment of ours. Speak with anyone you know; work or otherwise, and ask them to list their top 5 favorite apps. Tell us how long it takes for someone to name an app that their IT department has provided them.

Our consumer expectations around mobility - free, easy, everywhere - do not match what we experience in the enterprise. This must and will change. The Coda philosophy applies to mobility as much as anywhere. And we believe we have the answer.


Our mobile approach is to take all of the capability that exists in the market and provide it as a consolidated, configured and ready for market service.  Whether it be open-source, consumer, IBM, or otherwise, we take what is available and apply our expertise to make it more consumable. Mobile projects should not take months but weeks or days.

Mobile Composer

Mobile Composer is our mobile studio. It provides the ability to build mobile apps and have them deployed, integrated and managed in a way that is truly masterful. You need to experience it to fully appreciate it. From concept to working app via a drag and drop editor; with the ability to add an elegant design as needed.

Enterprise Capability

The Coda Mobility Suite is enterprise grade. Using IBM’s MobileFirst software along with open-source and proprietary code, we have a fully secure and mature set of capabilities. While mature, the platform is priced and targeted to all company sizes. Enterprise capability is affordable with the Coda Mobility Suite.

Solutions Done in a New Way

Our monthly subscriptions make even the most advanced technology accessible and affordable.