6 Technologies That Have Revolutionized Sales

6 Technologies That Have Revolutionized Sales

Technology has become a disruptive force in almost every aspect of life. The sales process, in particular, has changed drastically to adapt to technology. All facets of sales—from prospecting to closing—are influenced by technology, thanks largely to the introduction and growing use of social media, cloud technologies, and big data.

Many companies have chosen to embrace technology as a way to improve productivity, increase profits, and gain an advantage over competitors. Following are six areas we’ve identified where technology advances are revolutionizing the sales process.

Cellphones and smart devices are nearly ubiquitous, giving consumers immediate access to information that can affect their purchasing decisions. Consumers routinely use their devices to research products and services before they make a choice. Mobile technologies can also modernize sales forces, giving them access to customer and product data to help them provide immediate and informed service in the field.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Going hand in hand with mobility is the trend of employees using their personal device to increase productivity at work. Companies are increasingly embracing this trend as a way to reduce costs, leverage the employee’s existing comfort with their own device, provide access to resources needed in the field, and increase collaboration among their sales force. Recent research suggests productivity is higher among work forces that have tapped into BYOD advantages.

Social Media
Social media has exploded in the past decade, and using these platforms to prospect and interact with clients is essential. Social tools allow companies to reach a larger audience than ever before with targeted messages about their products or services. These platforms also facilitate peer recommendations and consumer feedback that can give companies a competitive advantage.

Big Data
Each interaction with a prospect or customer generates data, and data can be manipulated to better position a company’s products and services to appeal to consumers. Using analytics tools can help companies find quality prospects and deliver effective messages and offers to prospective and existing customers.

Automation Systems
Sales force automation (SFA) systems reduce or streamline tedious administrative tasks that can take time away from selling, including scheduling appointments, following up with clients, and researching sales opportunities. SFA tools automate these processes so employees can focus on more profitable selling activities.

The Cloud
Cloud-based technologies free companies from the physical constraints of legacy hardware and components, allowing files and data to move freely across devices and enhancing collaboration among employees. The cloud has extended to customer relationship management (CRM) systems, allowing employees to access critical data in the field to help provide the best service possible to customers.

Technology advances like social media allow companies to find customers and target their messages, while mobility and field technology advancements add efficiency to the sales process and give employees helpful tools that allow them to better serve customers in the field. Capitalizing on these advances requires a flexible, well-tuned platform that allows you to focus on your business and not on your systems.

Our Maestro solution does just that.  Built on the cloud, our Maestro platform provides the data and tooling you need to make smarter decisions, simplify your business and stay ahead of the game.

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