About Us

Inspired By Music

Coda is a musical term for the culmination of a composition; it echoes and honors what came before but strives to make it even better. That is the design point for Coda Global. We combine application development expertise with build and deployment automation experience to make full DevOps a reality for our clients. The members of our Coda team have built, or as we say "Codafied," mobile and web applications for many of the best-known Global brands and delivered 1M + workloads to Private, Public, and Hybrid Clouds.


We strive to deliver Business Outcomes @ Consumer Speed, enabling IT to keep up with the demands of the businesses we serve. Our clients include Fortune 50 enterprises looking to leverage the scalability and economics of the Cloud and startups and mid-market companies that count on Coda Global as their engineering and production deployment team. For all, we leverage leading vendor products and our Productized DevOps toolkit called Amplify to deliver solutions with the speed and ease of use that customers in this Consumer age expect and demand.

A Different Composition

Coda Global makes it easier to apply innovative new technology to deliver more predictable and consistent results for our clients. We not only package Support and Maintenance & Enhancement Services, but also Development, Testing and Deployment into a subscription model – Services as a Service. This is what we call Continuous Innovation. We take best practices from our Application and Operations experience, innovative new technologies and leading edge techniques to compose valuable and cost-effective Cloud solutions.


Cultivate trust.
Champion integrity in action.
Treat others as you expect to be treated.
Show respect, but question when necessary.
Recognize and cultivate potential in others.
Connect, collaborate, commit, celebrate.
Deliver exceptional value, always.
Be confident, yet humble.

Do something great. Every day.

Solutions Done in a New Way

Our monthly subscriptions make even the most advanced technology accessible and affordable.