Cloud Business Continuity Is an Affordable Safety Measure

Cloud Business Continuity Is an Affordable Safety Measure

Business continuity (BC) preparedness is more than a compliance box to check. Having a sound BC plan in place means that the company has a better chance of recovering faster after a crisis or catastrophe. Downtime is a costly burden for businesses to bear as it harms the revenue stream, the company reputation, and labor productivity. Historical BC solutions have been expensive and complex, which is especially difficult for smaller companies to manage. However, we’ve seen that bringing business continuity into the cloud removes that complexity and provides a number of other benefits.


IT departments must do all they can to prevent outages and interruptions from occurring, but often external factors like weather interfere. In those cases, the BC strategy is critical. In the past, creating redundant data centers in different areas of the country was the solution.

Considering the immense capital required to own, staff, and operate multiple centers that would be solely for emergency use, it’s not surprising that many companies just did without. When a disaster did occur, it was often fatal to the company since they had no real method of recovery and couldn’t financially bear the losses of days or weeks of downtime.


Cloud technology has expanded significantly over the past decade and has shown its potential in many ways, including BC planning. The cloud is made for data storage and it has thus become worthwhile to use cloud for disaster recovery and backing up critical files. The expenses to create and operate this solution are reasonable and the remote accessibility it provides to IT teams can make it a winning strategy for BC. No two companies are alike, so cloud business continuity may not suit all cases perfectly. However, the benefits it affords should get it on the list for consideration.

Vendor Selection

Cloud-based BC offerings are becoming more prevalent. As a result, costs are declining and packages of features are more robust. Many cloud vendors offer BC as part of their other services, so the additional safety net may not cost a cent to acquire.

We believe quality vendors should make it very simple to integrate cloud BC with the company’s existing infrastructure and also aid in testing and validating the strategy regularly. The service should be accurate, rapid, and efficient. While there may be internal labor costs to implement a cloud business continuity plan, the potential downtime that will be avoided or minimized will more than pay for those minor expenses.

Business continuity planning is an imperative part of running a company. Without a well-constructed, validated, and practiced plan in place, a regional disaster could be the end of a company. Cloud BC solutions allow more businesses to prevent financial catastrophe by providing this service at affordable rates.

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