Coda Global Announces Strategic Relationship with Galvanize to Help Clients Build Next-Gen Applications from Transformative Ideas

Cloud Native Consultancy Uses Proprietary RightStart Methodology to Speed Development and Deployment of Clients’ Dream Applications

AUSTIN, Texas – April 24, 2018 – Coda Global (, a cloud-native consultancy and application developer, today announced a strategic relationship with Galvanize, a technology learning community offering education, workspace and collaboration opportunities through eight urban campuses nationwide. Utilizing a series of collaborative exercises designed in cooperation with Galvanize to drive meaningful discussions around hard-to-define technology concepts, Coda Global transforms high-level, wish-list application ideas into actionable goals and designs for its clients.

“Galvanize truly provides an energized community, and we share the idea that building great software is a team sport with both business and technical contributors. Coda’s RightStart, which models how to go faster and with higher quality outcomes, is a pragmatic approach that helps startups to Fortune 500 companies realize the benefits of cloud and automation and adopt concepts like DevOps, agile/XP and microservices in an evolutionary way that fits their unique circumstances,” says Sam Fatigato, CEO of Coda Global.

“In an application’s earliest proof-of-concept stage, we’ve found that it’s best to get clients’ business and technology stakeholders out of their offices and into a collaborative environment like Galvanize where they can focus their full attention and creativity on the software they want us to help them develop,” says Becca Williams, Business Analyst and Scrum Master.  “This ‘ideate and gather’ stage is the first step in Coda’s unique RightStart AppDev methodology, and it’s one of the key reasons we’re able to transform our clients’ application dreams into dream applications in a matter of only a few weeks, a significantly shorter period of time than more traditional methodologies have been able to accomplish.”

As organizations race to turn their ideas for revenue-enhancing, industry-disruptive applications into functional, deployable, cloud-native software, they are often disappointed in the timeline it takes to do so. In the time it takes for traditional consultancies to follow a sequential waterfall methodology, either the client’s needs or the market’s needs may have changed, and the disruptive opportunity is lost. Through its RightStart program, however, Coda Global has developed a faster, more agile approach to application development (AppDev) that helps businesses launch their dream apps in weeks rather than months. To begin, Coda helps customers outline their next-gen application vision, tapping Galvanize to provide the perfect environment: a dynamic, inspirational, tech-focused venue that fuels the kind of creative, out-of-the-box, pre-development brainstorming that gives clients’ AppDev projects a more thoroughly defined roadmap from the start.

“With a focus on software development, data science and data engineering as well as having a highly skilled team of software engineers and senior technology professionals on staff, Galvanize acts as a liaison and creative facilitator between the business and technology worlds,” says Alfonso Rosabal, CEO of Galvanize. “When working with Coda Global, we employ a series of activities designed to stimulate creativity, helping Coda accelerate innovation as its clients mold and shape application ideas that will change the way business is done in their respective marketplaces.”

Using its RightStart methodology in concert with its proprietary DevOptimized® Approach to application development and continuous deployment, Coda applies what it learned about the client’s project during the Galvanize brainstorming meetings to accelerate project innovation. By rigorously automating processes and creating a cloud-native roadmap that relies on the API framework in public clouds to break complex app-dev projects into smaller containerized microservices, Coda can significantly speed development and time to market while mapping business decisions to carefully constructed cost-justified outcomes.

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About Galvanize
Galvanize is a technology learning platform and community for data scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs. With eight campuses across the U.S., innovative startups, aspiring students, and large enterprises benefit from a dynamic learning community. Our faculty and flexible blended-learning platform, which combines online education and in-person training, provide the most relevant and in-demand technology skills for consumers and enterprise organizations. Galvanize members include first-time entrepreneurs, growing startups, and Fortune 500 companies looking to advance their technology skill sets. Become a member or enroll in a course by visiting the Galvanize website.

About Coda Global
Coda Global is a cloud-native consultancy and application developer that helps companies accelerate their journey to the cloud. Using its unique DevOptimized® Approach, Coda works with customers worldwide during every stage of solution development and cloud transformation. From cloud-native custom application development to modernizing existing applications or migrating legacy apps to the cloud, Coda Global turns each client’s application dream into its dream application. Coda’s ability to work at an accelerated pace allows it to deliver the right technology solutions to meet each customer’s current business needs while future-proofing application projects to scale and innovate as the client’s business grows, giving customers of all sizes – from startups and midmarket firms to enterprise-level Fortune 500 organizations – the RightStart they need to bring their best ideas to market. To learn more, visit Coda Global’s website at

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