Coda Global Earns 40 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certifications

Cloud Native Consultancy is Well-Positioned to Help Clients Create and Execute Hybrid Cloud, Cloud-First, and Cloud-Only Strategies

AUSTIN, Texas – August 14, 2018 – As enterprise organizations enact digital strategies to become more nimble, they require compute systems that provide nearly unlimited capacity and an ability to scale automatically with their business needs. As a result, many are evolving from today’s hybrid cloud solutions to cloud-first or cloud-only strategies. When planning for this infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) evolution, it’s critical for CIOs to prepare for the software changes and adaptations required as they move production workloads and even entire data centers to the cloud. New programs must be written in a cloud-native format, and care and consideration must be given to the treatment of business-critical legacy apps. Decisions must also be made about whether to “lift-and-shift” or refactor apps to take full advantage of the cloud. While many CIOs are embracing Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the leading choice among mature public cloud platforms, they will still be faced with significant decisions and challenges along the way, uncharted waters that only an experienced consultant can help them navigate. To better assist its customers as they navigate these new waters, Coda Global (, a cloud-native consultancy and application developer, has earned 40 AWS certifications across a variety of categories including AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, AWS Certified Developer-Associate, and AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Professional.

“More than half of our company now holds AWS certifications, a significant benchmark that clients can use when evaluating AppDev partners as part of their journey to the cloud,” says Troy Vetter, Coda’s Chief Operations Officer. “Because AWS is the clear market leader among pubic clouds, it’s the ‘place to be,’ and we agree with that premise. But that also means that it’s easy to lock yourself into services you may not need in the long term, creating a situation in which you’ve lost the ability to make platform-independent development choices. By working with a company like Coda that is a cloud-obsessed AWS-certified developer, yet is independent from AWS, you can make decisions that best meet your organization’s specific needs along the way.”

“By combining our extensive AWS expertise with our very deep cloud-centric AppDev skillsets, we can perform cloud-native application development using all of the latest microservices from Amazon as well as technologies like AWS’ Lambda serverless compute service, cloud containers, database-as-a-service (DBaaS) and Amazon SageMaker to perform full-stack development in the cloud. We can also help with infrastructure and application migrations and replacements on AWS,” says Sharan Gurunathan, Executive Vice President and Principal Solutions Architect at Coda Global. “And we can do all of this in a way that takes advantage of AWS’ tools as well as its security and compliance capabilities without locking clients into the AWS platform for life.”

AWS may be the most widely adopted public cloud platform available today, but CIOs at companies of every size – startups to enterprise-level – still have a lot of decisions to make as they plan and execute their journeys to the cloud. How can a cloud consultant like Coda help? Here are two examples.

Adding Scalability in the Cloud

A very successful and fast-growing developer of business-productivity software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions had created a feature-rich product in a minimal viable product (MVP) style to get it into their current customers’ hands as quickly as possible. The problem was, the new application became popular so quickly that the company couldn’t scale fast enough to meet demand. Without building their application in a cloud-native format with the idea of hosting it on AWS from the start, the client had developed a wildly popular application for which scale was impossible. Thus, each new sale risked the organization’s reputation and future business.

To help the client resolve this issue, as an AWS-certified and cloud-focused AppDev specialist, Coda worked behind the scenes to backward-engineer the customer’s SaaS offering while the client’s own developers continued full-speed-ahead with innovations and improvements to their product. Coda also built a DevOps pipeline and an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offering to support the solution giving them a fully automated, scalable SaaS product that could handle both continuous innovation and massive growth simultaneously.

Now, the more sales they make, the better. With some re-engineering and a calculated move to AWS, Coda was able to provide the client with a cloud platform that offers faster delivery of their SaaS solution to both existing and new partners, automatically scaling as the client’s sales grow.

Regulatory Compliance in the Cloud

A large organization that provides dental office and insurance claims processing wanted to expand its traditional back-office services with a SaaS offering to support front-office functions like scheduling, patient management, claims management and payments. To allow providers to interact directly with patients, the company needed to develop both web-based and mobile versions of its app that could quickly scale to millions of patients on demand.

Coda helped the client architect and build its new SaaS solution as a cloud-native app designed from the ground up for an AWS IaaS platform. While the app needed to be feature-rich, user-friendly and highly scalable, first and foremost, it needed to be HIPAA-compliant. Since AWS has fully embraced the data privacy and security standards necessary for healthcare and government regulatory compliance, it has gained the respect and trust of some of the country’s largest healthcare providers and government agencies making it a natural first choice for this SaaS solution.

To define the app’s architecture, Coda leveraged AWS microservices and frameworks like Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS), RabbitMQ for messaging, and Angular’s JavaScript framework for hybrid mobile applications. Using a variety of microservices to bolster key features, Coda built an intuitive user interface to connect patients, dentists and front-office staff. With a well-planned DevOps pipeline, built-in automation, and a streamlined testing and validation process, Coda helped the client affordably create a next-gen application that is both scalable and fully HIPAA compliant.

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