Work with Coda

Coda is looking for exceptional professionals in multiple locations. Coda is a different kind of company. We strive to be different in all the ways that are important. We do not just focus on billing hours and getting tasks done.

We focus on Business Outcomes for our clients. We accomplish this by providing the best environment for our consultants and engineers. We look to deliver full solutions that produce tangible results.

Our team is collaborative and is always striving to be better. Joining us will be the best decision for your career. We are looking for Solutions Architects, Business Consultants, and Developers with locations in San Francisco, Austin, Miami, and New York and more depending on role.

Why Coda

At its core, services is a people business. At Coda, we have (and are always looking for more) good people who are smart, innovative, personable and who understand how to deliver quality and value to our customers. Working with this caliber of people is an honor and a pleasure.

Terry Goodwin


Three years ago, I was worried I was getting left behind. Now, I’m at the forefront of technology getting to design and build cloud-native apps using serverless computing, containers, microservices, IBM Watson APIs, and more…

Rafael Cuevas

Lead Delivery Architect

Working at Coda Global enables me to express my creativity while working in a collaborative, positive environment. At Coda, you get the corporate experience of working with thought leaders and industry disruptors without getting lost in the corporate machine.

Brittany Hedges

Marketing Manager

I thrive on learning, a sense of purpose and wearing multiple hats and have the opportunity for all three at Coda Global. I especially love keeping a pulse on cutting-edge technologies and being surrounded by super awesome colleagues. Coda artfully balances startup agility with enterprise-grade implementation practices, always focused on delivering value and business outcomes. Each day is a new adventure.

Becca Williams

Business Analyst Scrum Master

It is easy to deliver a product quickly but delivering ‘quality’ product quickly is difficult. Overcoming this challenge has been my life and I love that at Coda I have the liberty to constantly push my boundaries by exploring and experimenting with a wide tech stack and processes in a value-driven way.

Manish B.

Practice Manager, QA & BA

Working for Coda Global has been an enriching experience in most every way. In my previous work life, I was stuck in the daily grind doing the day in and day out tasks, not being challenged, doing only what was expected of me. The work was tedious and restrictive. At Coda, I am encouraged to bring new ideas to the table and welcome to create new automation and integrations, regardless of ‘if it makes sense,’ which helps spark new ideas and creations. I have thoroughly enjoyed working here and look forward to a bright future with Coda.

Adam Hughes

Cloud Engineer

Coda has a fun family environment where everyone learns and nurtures the culture to cherish others. Coda provides me a platform for my passion and career to congregate.

Gowtham R

Lead Engineer

I am brand new to the firm, about five to six weeks in, and I have yet to hear the word ‘no’ when I have asked for pretty much anything. Whether it’s for help with learning an internal process or technology or finding a way to ensuring a customer success – even if it’s outside of our core offerings –  it’s always, ‘well, let’s find a way.’ As cliché as it sounds, Coda is the very definition of ‘Can Do.’  In fact, you can’t spell Can Do without Coda!

John Boyle

Senior Account Manager

I have been working with technology my entire career and find it fascinating how quickly everything has evolved. I love the flexibility of being able to experiment and build new technologies, working with the best this industry has to offer.

Troy McFall

Senior Cloud Transformation Engineer

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Business Analyst Coda Global is looking for IT Project Manager/Business Analysts who can perform the dual role of managing all aspects of projects throughout the project lifecycle including project scope, schedule, resources, quality, costs and change control AND working closely with business Subject Matter Experts to define business requirements using interviews, document analysis, surveys, business

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Cloud Transformation Engineer   Description Coda Global is looking for hands-on engineers to play a key role in helping our customers design and implement their move into “the cloud” by guiding and implementing their choice of cloud platforms and providers. The Cloud Transformation Engineer will leverage their knowledge of multiple cloud providers, and experienced-based infrastructure

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Cloud Network Engineer   Description Customer goal is to improve network capabilities and to fulfil cloud evolution demand in 2016. The network team identified the following topics that need to be addressed: Build out of converged cloud and other extensions Clearing of the network related backlog for Tickets (incidents and service request), Monitoring and Projects

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Full Stack Developer Position Description Full Stack Developers at Coda get to bring cutting edge technologies to business of all sizes ranging from startups to large enterprises. Their primary responsibilities include building could-native applications using the microservices architectural style. They are often challenged with picking up on the latest trends including AI using IBM Watson

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Technical Lead   Position Description At Coda, the Technical Leads are at the heart of our delivery process. They work closely with our customers to ensure that the business requirements are accurately translated into technical requirements the team can deliver on. They are responsible for overseeing the entire development team to ensure each developer is

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