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Path to Cloud Transformation

View a Coda Global infographic on how to get your Cloud Transformation on the right track.

RightStart Approach

View a Coda Global infographic on how to turn your application dream into a dream application.

What Can SaaS Do For You?

View a Coda Global infographic detailing just what improvements you can expect from Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Move Like a Startup

View a Coda Global infographic about the ways that your business can move just as fast as a startup with hybrid cloud technology.

What You Need to Know about the Hot Hybrid Cloud

View a Coda Global infographic providing details about the benefit and pitfalls of the hybrid cloud.

DevOps = Continuous

At Coda Global, we are all about continuous devops — development. integration, delivery and monitoring.

Vivit SIG Talk - ITSMA/ Hybrid Cloud Management

Check out the replay of the Vivit SIG Talk where we share our experience with ITSM/Hybrid Cloud Management and the best practices that guide our approach. Watch the video!

AI Content Curation at Scale for Compliance and Legal

Content fuels AI. Teaching Watson the semantics of contracts is hard. This presentation outlines what Watson Compare and Comply is enabling, how we enabled it, and how a client is getting value from it.

Private Cloud - All the Advantages of Cloud with the Security of On-Premises

Learn how Coda Global optimizes IBM Cloud Private to bring great value to clients by allowing for integrated, scalable, secure, enterprise-grade private cloud solutions. Watch the video!