Five Key Benefits of Cloud Automation

Five Key Benefits of Cloud Automation

Today’s fast-paced business environment often requires complex IT systems and infrastructure in order for enterprises to be competitive and remain productive. But while IT has evolved to streamline and simplify a variety of enterprise tasks, managing those systems remains a challenge. That’s why many companies are turning to cloud automation tools to help them optimize and manage their IT infrastructure.

Legacy systems and processes continue to linger in data centers even though technology has continued its march forward to deliver more useful applications to end users and improve business flexibility. To break out of the stronghold legacy processes often have, enterprises should look to cloud services that incorporate automation and orchestration capabilities. These tools have the provisioning speed, scalability, update control functionality, and resources to support modern business initiatives.

Automation and orchestration offer five key benefits to enterprises working to proactively create systems that benefit both their users and the business. These include:

Speedy Innovation

Using automation, companies can rapidly innovate and move at the speed of software because resources, scalability in cloud environments and other data centers, and movement of complex applications is handled at software speed rather than human speed.

Better Control

Automation allows businesses to bake policies into their IT ecosystem from the start so they can quickly and effectively respond to business change. This includes understanding when user support needs fluctuate, how resource needs change, and when applications should optimally be deployed.

Process Improvement

Orchestration and automation adds intelligence to processes, allowing enterprises to drastically simplify their IT and business processes, streamline administrative functions, and create a self-healing environment. This frees IT personnel to direct their attention to other activities that are more profitable.


Automation and orchestration tools provide a significant advantage in terms of facilitating interconnection among a variety of devices, whether in a remote or on-premise environment. This creates resiliency and efficiency that provides powerful benefits to the enterprise but is transparent to the end user.


Embracing the power of automation and orchestration allows data centers to move forward and harness the power of evolving technology. Just because legacy processes still work doesn’t mean they are providing optimal benefit to the enterprise. Advanced tools can help enterprises understand their IT environment like never before, optimize resource management and allocation, and facilitate growth.


The business world is rapidly changing, and enterprises must evolve or risk losing their competitive edge. Cloud automation is a smart way to ensure that enterprises can respond quickly in a rapidly changing environment while reaping the benefits of advances in IT technology.

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