Get your Application Portfolio Moving!

Get your Application Portfolio Moving!

The three revolutions in the cloud that can help get you started – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and cloud-ready containers.

·      “I hear we can increase revenue (or decrease costs) by moving to the cloud.”

·      “What’s with this Docker thing and does it affect my bottom line?”

·      “Why can’t we upgrade our apps cheaply?”

·      “What is cloud foundry?  Is that like AWS or Bluemix?  Is that like Docker?”


Here at Coda, we believe in “Doing Something Great – Every Day”. But doing something great is more than actions, it’s about making choices – about making room to grow and innovate, maximizing the return on every investment, and understanding the trade-offs.


One joy of being in technology is that we have a powerful secret on our side – technology has the opportunity to create growth. Consider smart phones; just in time ordering, up-to-the-minute information; innovation is the game changer, in our technology and in our business.


So why do your company’s apps feel stuck? How do you know what to keep, where to innovate, and what needs to retire? Indeed, with so much change going on, where do you even start?


If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the questions above – congratulations! You are already on your first steps towards recreating your application portfolio.


Begin with the End in Mind

The answers to those questions depend on where you want your business to go in the short and long term. There are three revolutions in the cloud that can help get you started – Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and cloud-ready containers.  Knowing how to combine all three can create all the time you need to bring your technical visions to market.


The rough rules of thumb:

1)    IaaS improves your bottom line.  With cloud capacity, your servers are firmly abstracted; you can run more apps with fewer resources.  Your efficiency will grow exponentially.

2)    PaaS will help your top line.  Platform-as-a-Service helps you innovate faster, giving you time to create a revolutionary app (or replace that one lingering in the corner). Your time-to-market goes down exponentially.  With every investment, your opportunity to grow your business increases.

3)    Containers dramatically magnify the value of #1 and #2.  This is why you’ve probably heard of Docker: the most famous – but not only – container offering. Containers are at the core of putting so many apps on so few servers (IaaS), and creating workflows that make innovation faster than you ever thought possible (PaaS).

So which do you need?  Ideally, all of them – but chances are, you already know which applications need to run more efficiently, where you want to grow, and what needs to retire.[1]


Back to those questions

They all have answers.  You want to innovate rapidly on new applications?  You can use  CloudFoundry with IBM Bluemix to help you quickly express the value of the cloud for your organization.


Is running your own data center eating into your margins?  It’s never been a better time to get into a private or hybrid cloud, with VMWare, OpenStack, or both.

Is that one legacy app in the corner tying up an entire cluster?  It may be time to Dockerize it.


You need an understanding of where you are going, an assessment of where you are today, and a roadmap to get you there.




[1] Special thanks to Siki Giunta, the SVP of Verizon Cloud, who expressed this incredibly well in her talk on Building a Case for Transformational Change  – encouraged viewing for anyone that wants a bigger picture.


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