Get off to the RightStart on Your Dream App

Get off to the RightStart on Your Dream App

If you have ever been involved in the construction or renovation of a home or office, you know all too well how you can simultaneously feel excited yet overwhelmed. The vision of the final product is in your head — but how to build it is utterly unclear.

Entrepreneurs are acutely aware of this irony; although they can create a successful business they can’t always custom create the tools that help them build revenue. For example, a boutique owner has her thumb on the pulse of her clients. She follows the trends, understands how her supply chain operates, and handles inventory like a pro. She envisions an app with a built-in barcode scanner that offers instant info on in-store finds, pushes notifications to shoppers about daily deals, and provides an easy way for customers to buy online and pickup in store. Oh, it also integrates a loyalty program. But the boutique owner has no experience in building a software app. That’s where beauty means brawn: Enter Coda’s RightStart.

While entrepreneurs have the bright new ideas to keep revenue growing, they don’t always have the knowledge to assess and select  the technology necessary to realize their dream apps. Through our RightStart program, Coda’s expert team of developers know how technology — including conversational systems, analytics, blockchain, internet of things, etc. — can be implemented to produce the desired results. You don’t have to sacrifice your budget, team and project timeline to get to a functional, scalable, enterprise-grade and cloud-native application.

Why Cloud-Native?

Cloud-native applications enable automatic provisioning of resources. They facilitate on-demand, self-service, programmatic provisioning and releasing of resources used for compute and storage services. That lets business-critical apps run smoothly with on-demand allocation of resources directly from the application. Such apps can automatically handle the task of data analytics, returning the resources to the pool after executing the task.

First Things First

Just as you need a blueprint when designing a new building, you need a plan for how you want to expand your business using new technologies. But most businesses’ core competency is not technology. Coda’s RightStart lets entrepreneurs focus on their businesses rather than committing to operating and managing a full-on application development practice. Coda becomes your General Contractor, in essence.

Coda’s tech experts meet with all of your business and technology stakeholders to understand everyone’s requirements and then we clearly define a goal. Key aspects of the technology are evaluated, and a few high level ideas and options begin iteration. Finally, a consensus for the design is met.

The Design is Created

Once the goal is defined, the team can develop the architecture and review multiple options, where appropriate. By reviewing, iterating and reviewing, the team builds consensus on design, timelines, and dependencies and then develops a proof of concept and proof of value (PoC/PoV). The end result includes automated builds, validations for APIs, auto scale options, monitoring, and delivery of a ready-to-deploy application to production: Everything entrepreneurs need to see an idea become a way to increase their bottom line.

Having the vision is important — and having the best tools and workers to get the job done efficiently — means you’ll be moving into that renovated space sooner than you ever dreamed.

Want to Learn More?

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