Getting Started: The Role of Tech-Focused Brainstorming in Shorter AppDev Timelines

Getting Started: The Role of Tech-Focused Brainstorming in Shorter AppDev Timelines

By Sam Fatigato, CEO, and Becca Williams, Business Analyst + Scrum Master

At Coda Global, we pride ourselves on doing things in ways that save precious time in transforming our clients’ highest priority wish-list application ideas into actionable goals and designs.  When we’re talking with clients in the early stages of an application development (AppDev) project, one of the most important things we can do is help the client verbalize exactly what they want their app to accomplish. This often takes some very high-energy, all-in brainstorming sessions with the client’s key business and technology stakeholders fully engaged in the discussion.

Significantly, these brainstorming meetings are going to determine the depth of the application and its functionality as well as the pace with which it can be developed, tested, and deployed.  So, when clients ask if these meetings can be conducted over the phone, we encourage them to consider another more productive option.

Think for a moment about the last conference call you were on in your office. It’s human nature to be distracted by emails, people popping their head in the door for a quick answer to a question, or other phone calls buzzing in – despite your earnest desire to contribute to the call in a meaningful way. This is exactly why we have formed a strategic relationship with Galvanize, a learning community that offers technology-focused educational workspaces in eight locations nationwide.

In an application’s earliest proof-of-concept stage, we’ve found that it’s best to get clients out of their offices and into a collaborative environment like Galvanize where they can focus their full attention and creativity on the software they want us to help them develop. This “ideate and gather” stage is the first step in our unique RightStart AppDev methodology, and it’s one of the key reasons we’re able to transform our clients’ application dreams into dream applications in a matter of only a few weeks, a significantly shorter period of time than more traditional methodologies have been able to accomplish.

By tapping Galvanize to provide the perfect environment – a dynamic, inspirational, tech-focused venue that fuels creative, pre-development brainstorming –  we can use that input to give our clients’ AppDev projects a more thoroughly-defined roadmap from the start.

Using our RightStart methodology in concert with our proprietary DevOptimized® Approach to application development and continuous deployment, we can then apply what we’ve learned about the client’s project during the Galvanize brainstorming sessions to accelerate project innovation.

By applying industry best practices around automation, cloud-native architecture, APIs, and microservices, and breaking complex projects down into achievable bits, we significantly speed development and time to market.

 Want to learn more? Find out how to get off to the right start with your dream application in this Coda Global news release and expert blog post on our RightStart development program. Next, Explore Coda’s RightStart methodology for application development, then learn how our DevOptimized® Approach can help you grow your business faster. You might also be interested in a series of informative white papers, infographics, and videos. From cloud-native custom application development to modernizing existing applications or migrating legacy apps, Coda Global can help you accelerate your journey to the cloud. Contact us to see what we can do for you.


What is RightStart?

Through the RightStart program, which includes four important steps, Coda’s professional Cloud DevOps team delivers the business knowledge and technology acumen needed to create cloud-native applications in a fraction of the traditional time required.

1. Ideate & Gather: First, we help outline your idea and establish success criteria for the creation and deployment of your minimum viable product.
2. Design & Align: After identifying trends and wading through complex technology options, we prototype and implement your idea across various platforms.
3. Build & Test: Using our unique DevOptimized® process, we accelerate delivery of your application by developing automated builds, establishing API validations, producing auto-scale options, and providing monitoring, then outline next steps for a larger scale adoption.
4. Measure & Deploy: Finally, we deploy and test your app with a subset of users, then deliver a ready-to-deploy application to production.



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