How Can Automation Speed Your AppDev Efforts?

How Can Automation Speed Your AppDev Efforts?

By David Angradi, Executive Vice President, Coda Global

When I meet with customers, one of the topics people are most fascinated with is automation and how it can help speed up the AppDev process. Everyone knows that, in DevOps today, it’s all about speed: How fast can you bring your application to market, and how fast can you deliver updates.  The days are long gone when a developer can answer either of those questions with a number of months.  Today, businesses need new apps faster to compete – they want full applications delivered in weeks and updates in a matter of days.  So, how can we cut time out of the development process without sacrificing quality? Automation.

Automation is absolutely the key to successful application development. The easier it is to take existing infrastructure and effectively serve it up as code that developers can grab and spin up and spin down and be able to run automated test cycles, the better – and faster – your AppDev process will be.

In fact, there are three major benefits to focusing on automation in the AppDev process: First, by tapping repeatable automated designs over and over again, developers will be able to construct applications faster. Second, by removing the manual nature of these repeatable tasks, there will be fewer errors from the start. And third, by automating an application’s base-level components, developers and operations teams save time – and money – by simply re-using that already functioning and tested code.

The challenge many organizations run into when trying to automate their AppDev processes is in selecting standardized toolsets and stringing together key automations in a logical fashion from development and production all the way through testing.

To ensure things progress smoothly, it’s important to kick off an AppDev project by having both Dev and Ops teams sit down together in a room to map out their shared goals and outcomes for the project. They should also discuss both the organization’s and their respective teams’ current state, agree on standardized toolsets and create a roadmap.  This may sound simplistic, but these are often-missed keys to success – and a critical starting point before automation can be successfully utilized in DevOps processes.

Want to learn more? Hear David Angradi explain the importance of automation in an educational video – “The Critical Role of Automation in AppDev.” Next, check out our expert blog post to learn why automation is the “secret sauce” in successful applications. And finally, find out how Coda Global’s RightStart strategy helps businesses launch their dream applications in just a few weeks. Then, contact us and let us show you what Coda Global can do for you.

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