How You Benefit from Coda’s Industry Benchmarks and Achievements

How You Benefit from Coda’s Industry Benchmarks and Achievements

By Megan Fatigato, Senior Project Manager, and Brittany Hedges, Operations Manager, Coda Global

Earlier this year, Coda earned over 40 Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications across a variety of categories including AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, AWS Certified Developer-Associate, and AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional.  Just a little over two months later, we increased that number to 50 certifications and announced that we have also earned an Advanced Consulting Partner status within the Amazon Partner Network. These accomplishments sound impressive, but what do they mean to you? They ensure you’ve chosen the right partner to help you with your cloud journey.

Every organization is at a different stage in its cloud journey, and there a number of roadblocks to cloud transformation success that can be encountered along the way. Studies show that only a small percentage of companies attempting digital transformation initiatives on their own succeed, which is why the selection of a skilled partner is so vitally important. Our Advanced Consulting Partner status, combined with our 50 AWS certifications, provide our clients with industry benchmarks demonstrating our ability to help them attain a successful digital transformation as they embrace the AWS cloud platform.

The Advanced Consulting Partner designation – along with the 50 certifications we have earned – reflects the dedication Coda Global has to helping our clients migrate legacy applications to the cloud and create new cloud-native applications that meet their business’ unique needs.

More than half of our company now holds AWS certifications, which is why we call ourselves “cloud obsessed” – and mean it! We’ve dedicated over 80 hours of time per certification to earning these certifications so that we can truly be the expert partner no matter where your organization is on its journey to the cloud.

It’s also important to note that, even though we’ve made a significant investment in training on the AWS platform, we are fully capable of helping you migrate to or develop applications for any cloud environment. Since we are platform independent, when you engage Coda as your cloud development partner, we will help you make the decisions about your applications and your cloud journey that are right for your organization – regardless of the brand name on that cloud environment.

Want to learn more? Examine some of the most common roadblocks to digital transformation, and find out how Coda Global can help you put your cloud transformation on the right track. Find out more about our Advanced Consulting Partner status and follow Coda’s AWS certification journey from 40 to now 50 certifications. Then contact us to learn what Coda Global can do for you.

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