Hybrid Cloud Will Pave the Road to the Future for IaaS and PaaS Implementations

Hybrid Cloud Will Pave the Road to the Future for IaaS and PaaS Implementations
Just a few years ago, many companies viewed cloud-based technologies with skepticism.  Fundamentally changing development and operations paradigms coupled with security fears meant organizations were slow to adopt the cloud.  Thanks for hybrid cloud arrangements and a maturation of DevOps processes, companies are now taking advantage of what cloud has to offer.  Adoption of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) are beginning to take flight.
Traditional vs. Cloud
Increasingly, companies that offer hardware or software solutions are transitioning to an “as-a-service” model as the main method of delivery for new products. As a more economical and flexible approach, this trend is predicted to grow substantially over the next five years until it becomes the de-facto standard. At that point, use of cloud services will nearly be mandatory if companies wish to enjoy the power of modern tech tools.
IaaS and PaaS will follow application and data storage-related cloud growth, and eventually the use of servers in traditional data centers will be ancient history. Virtualization and cloud-based solutions will comprise the bulk of architecture and managed services offerings. Disaster recovery, business continuity, data management, application development, and just about all other technical functions of a company will live and grow in a secured cloud environment.
Anti-Cloud Hardships
The reality is that nearly all companies use some type of cloud feature today, though it may be minimal or behind the scenes. In the future, it will be less of an option to avoid cloud intentionally, unless a company wishes to provide their own in-house solution. That will increasingly become a cost-prohibitive and complex endeavor, especially when compared to more affordable and powerful products made available through the cloud.
These organizations will have serious limitations on functionality, relying either on outdated systems or enduring long project development timelines. As a result, they may ultimately not survive the efforts of their cloud-embracing competition. Companies must be as flexible as possible and evolve and innovate to sustain growth. In this case, that evolution applies to cloud adoption and use of IaaS and PaaS technologies.
Cloud is a powerful solution delivery method that is on pace to overtake historical server and application models in the near future. Using cloud systems for IaaS and PaaS helps reduce and optimize technology spending while promoting flexibility and scalability in the organization. For more information on implementing hybrid cloud solutions, contact Coda Global today.

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