Is Your Journey to the Cloud on the Right Track?

Is Your Journey to the Cloud on the Right Track?

By Troy Vetter, Chief Operations Officer, and David Angradi, Executive Vice President

Anytime you pick up a magazine or scan the Internet to read about technology these days, you’re barraged with stories that tell you that every company is on some sort of cloud journey with the ultimate goal of becoming a digitally enabled organization. While all of that is technically true, it’s just not how most people think.

Unless you’re a CIO – or maybe the CEO, you don’t get up every day thinking about your company’s path to the cloud, whether or not you’ll need to move legacy apps there, or how to make choices that will be the most cost-effective and yield the best return on your organization’s cloud services investment.  You just go to work and want your computing resources to work.  You want to be productive.  And you want to be able to execute on big ideas that will turn your industry – whatever it is – upside down.

The truth is, though, to do this, your organization has to be digitally enabled.  And to be digitally enabled, you really do have to go through a transformation that prepares the organization to maximize its use of available cloud resources.  And, as easy as “just put it in the cloud” sounds, it’s unfortunately not that simple.

To help illustrate the point, we’ve created an interesting infographic that shows that, despite predictions that point to a robust industry-wide cloud transformation in the next two years, most businesses will need a helping hand along the way. In fact, statistics show that 40 percent of organizations that attempt digital transformation entirely on their own abandon or slow down their plans because they don’t see the expected results, and ultimately, as many as 84 percent fail altogether.

In the infographic, we’ve outlined some of the key roadblocks you might face during your own cloud journey as well as the kind of support you may need to overcome these obstacles and realize the benefits the cloud has to offer.

It’s pretty easy to imagine that cost and complexity are two of the biggest roadblocks to success when it comes to cloud adoption and digital transformation. When companies begin their cloud journeys, rarely is an organization starting from scratch. Most organizations already have significant amounts of money tied up in legacy apps and physical IT infrastructure, and they can’t simply abandon all of that investment to reap the potential rewards that a cloud transformation could provide. As a result, perhaps the most important message we can share with clients and prospects is that they don’t have to abandon what they’ve already created. There are a lot of on-ramps to the cloud, and since there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ journey, it doesn’t matter which on-ramp you take along the way – it only matters that you reach your intended destination.

As the infographic illustrates, the key to successful digital transformation lies in merging what is with what can be no matter when or where you decide to begin your cloud adoption journey. In a user-based, client-server model, for example, applications tend to grow over time and companies find themselves in the precarious position of balancing those business-critical legacy apps with the growing infrastructure needed to support them.

Over time, legacy applications that provide the foundation for a business may have grown so much that they require two or even three data center locations to deliver the high availability, replication and disaster recovery needed to simply support business-critical functions. This is when people begin looking at the cloud and wondering if there are cost and resource savings that could be possible by moving legacy applications to the cloud.

The issue is, every legacy application will need to be transformed to take advantage of the cloud in some way – do you “lift and shift” the entire application, simply installing it on a virtualized server in the cloud? Or do you refactor the application – or even rewrite it from scratch as a cloud-native application?  These are the points at which many customers become bogged down by the transformation process. Others who have their own AppDev teams in house find their roadblocks are more tied to finding ways to automate the underlying infrastructure to allow them to accelerate the app-building process.  Either way, an experienced cloud-native consultancy can help move you forward. That’s what a company we do at Coda Global – we get people past those hurdles and help them realize the real benefits that the cloud has to offer.

When people talk about all organizations being on a “cloud journey,” what they really mean is that every company is in a different stage of cloud adoption. They have gotten to where they are simply by trying to make their computing systems work in ways that give them increased productivity or a competitive edge while saving money and IT resources in the process.

That means, everyone that is heading to the cloud is entering their cloud journey from a different perspective – some are looking for advice on which apps to move to the cloud and how to attach services at the appropriate time and scale, some are looking for help refactoring legacy apps, and others are looking for someone to deliver automation building blocks that will speed up their own cloud-native AppDev efforts. The point of our infographic – and the important thing to take away here – is that you’ll face obstacles no matter where you start the journey, but once you overcome those obstacles, the benefits you can realize make the entire journey worthwhile. Sometimes, you just need someone who can take you past those hurdles – someone who lives, sleeps and breathes the cloud and knows how to get you to your goals on time and within budget.

Whether you’re just getting started or have hit a roadblock in your digital transformation, we’d like to help you get on the right track with a one-hour, no-charge virtual cloud readiness workshop that will help you identify where you are now, where you want to go, and what obstacles you may encounter along the way. During the workshop, we’ll give you an overview of industry best practices and recent computing advancements – including an explanation of containers, the future of virtual machines, serverless computing, cloud-native application development, data lake services, and more. We’ll also discuss industry-appropriate use cases and help you plan your organization’s specific cloud journey in a cost-effective way that takes into account your existing cap-ex investments in legacy applications and on-premise hardware. Ready to take the next step? Request your cloud readiness workshop here:

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Ever wonder what “digital transformation” really means – and how can it help you become a disruptor in your industry? Sign up for our cloud readiness workshop to find out. Next, explore the ways we combine our RightStart methodology with our proprietary DevOptimized® Approach to application development to accelerate your business ideas using cloud technologies. Finally, download a copy of the Coda Global cloud transformation infographic.

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