Looking into the Future of Cloud Systems

Looking into the Future of Cloud Systems

From individuals on social media to large scale enterprise networks, cloud solutions are now a staple in technology. Over the past decade, cloud adoptions have grown exponentially and are predicted to continue over the next several years.

Cloud Capabilities

The list of the areas where cloud is found to be useful is certainly significant. As archaic legacy systems are reaching end of life, the preference among most companies will be to use some type of cloud solution when transitions must occur.

Here are a few technical needs that have found a comfortable home in the cloud:

  • Application development, hosting, and access
  • Data storage and backup
  • Communications tools (VoIP, unified communications)
  • Analytics, including graphical representations of valuable data sets
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery

The Business of Knowledge

Being able to translate, interpret, analyze and apply information as useful knowledge is a major achievement that has been facilitated by cloud systems. Consider the evolution of social media, with its early beginnings as a method of communication. A simple platform for sharing personal thoughts and experiences eventually received multi-pronged marketing and commerce connections and became a massive resource for demographic data and insights into consumer behavior, all while bringing global contacts face to face. Distance across the globe is no longer measured in miles but in minutes taken to convey knowledge and ideas.

Prediction for Growth

Mobile devices and wearable technology have only begun their life span. As these devices mature as well as inspire new concepts, cloud systems will continue to grow to support them from both a front-end and data processing perspective.

Large and small players alike will have a place in this entrepreneurial opportunity thanks to open source and easy accessibility of information. Given the potential for mobile device growth coupled with the additional platforms and systems that will find their way into the cloud, it’s quite likely that the cloud solution market could quadruple over the next five years.

Cloud systems are powerful, adaptable, and economical. Companies that deploy cloud solutions are able to make the most of their resources, ultimately gaining a competitive edge over those who resist the new world. With so many possibilities for use, the continued growth of cloud is a certainty. For more information on implementing cloud, contact Coda Global today.

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