7 Ways Managed Services from Coda Global Can Help SMBs

7 Ways Managed Services from Coda Global Can Help SMBs

Corporate priorities are shifting, and many functions that were previously performed in-house are now being outsourced to managed services operations.

One of the most prevalent shifts has been the transition of IT functions like security and regular maintenance to managed services companies. This frees in-house IT personnel to focus on strategic projects rather than day-to-day work.

Offloading non-strategic functions is especially important for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that need to maximize productivity and efficiency to remain competitive. Following are seven reasons to move your IT operations to managed services with Coda Global.

1. Efficiency 
Day-to-day maintenance and upkeep of IT assets takes time. Outsourcing allows updates, patches, and other maintenance activities to be handled quickly and without diverting valuable time from more strategic projects.

2. Cost Reduction
Mobility and database applications are often touted as time-saving tools, but anytime an application is added to a network, it must be maintained. This ultimately leads to increased costs. When maintenance tasks are shifted to a managed services company, costs are reduced because in-house salaries and training expenses are rolled into a predictable monthly fee. In addition, managed services fees usually can be accounted for as operating expenses rather than capital expenses.

3. Risk Mitigation
Networks that are improperly configured expose businesses to risks. Outsourcing to Coda transfers those risks to us.

4. Scalability
Companies’ needs change over time. The applications, bandwidth, and functionality that adequately serve the business today might be too much or too little a year from now. Our managed services solutions provide an easy and convenient way to scale services, tools, and applications to meet changing needs.

5. Stay Current
Technology changes rapidly and is often obsolete by the time a company installs newly purchased equipment or tools. Staying current can be challenging, not to mention expensive. Coda Global’s Managed services offerings allow our customers to migrate to new technologies without having to absorb the capital expense necessitated by an in-house deployment.

6. Flexibility
Our managed services offerings allow companies to make adjustments to meet their IT requirements during unusual circumstances. For example, if a company plans to expand into a new geographic area or acquires another company that requires disparate systems to be integrated, we can simplify those processes. In addition, we can fill in personnel gaps created during business peaks or expansion, taking pressure off companies to hire and train new staff.

7. Improved Customer Experience
Whether by ensuring tools and software are up to date and functioning correctly or by guaranteeing uptime, managed services can improve customer interactions with the company’s systems.


Offloading IT functions to Coda Global can save money, increase efficiency, and provide much-needed flexibility to companies that don’t wish to maintain IT functions in-house. Managed services allow companies to redirect IT personnel to strategic projects that are more profitable for the company while providing other measurable benefits.

Contact us to learn more about how our managed services offerings can decrease costs, increase efficiency, and provide crucial scalability.

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