Why PaaS Is a Rising Solution for IoT

Why PaaS Is a Rising Solution for IoT

The total number of network-connected devices is anticipated to grow exponentially over the next five years. The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) has created new demands on technology, but also offers opportunity for new revenue streams. Innovation is a necessity, and fulfilling that need is sometimes a challenge.


Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a way for companies to quickly and economically develop new applications that support the IoT world. The platform hosts essential core services like authentication and web services, frequently on a subscription basis. PaaS is a powerful solution for a number of reasons.



As with many “as a service” cloud solutions, PaaS can be scaled to meet business needs and volume without headache. Need an addition to the system, or to streamline services? Most changes can be made within a day or so. There’s no added hardware to research or purchase. No matter what the industry is going to churn out next, the system can scale to handle the requirements.



Using a PaaS model reduces technology spending significantly. Developers have the hardware and technical environment they need to write code, and the company pays a subscription fee rather than having to output massive amounts of capital. The monthly charge will increase or decrease marginally as additions or subtractions are made from the system. This is a major advantage over self-hosted solutions where the company would need to purchase the hardware or any additional software as well as more storage. In addition, the company saves on technical labor since developers are writing more code rather than trying to configure environments or build foundational services to support new applications.



No two organizations are alike with respect to their development methods, goals, internal processes, and output. PaaS can be customized to accommodate many variables. No matter the coding language, protocols, and infrastructure used by developers, the platform is able to support efficient programming with modules that can be connected like building blocks. Any type of application can be built using the platform, and the basics are already in place. Businesses can produce more applications more quickly and increase revenue opportunities as a result.


IoT has made it a requirement to churn out new applications with incredible speed. PaaS facilitates quick development and removes the obstacle of raising capital for hardware and software. While this model may not be appropriate for all organizations due to the regulations of specific industries and company-specific practices or needs, it should definitely be on the table for discussion.


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