Selling SaaS to the SMB

Selling SaaS to the SMB

Cloud products, especially Software as a Service (SaaS), are the current “big thing” in IT, helping companies obtain what they need in more flexible delivery methods. In the small to medium business (SMB) arena, this is an especially valuable software model, yet some companies delay making the switch. Following are ways to make cloud products more appealing to SMBs.


Leaders of smaller companies have often come to business from the consumer sector, and thereby have an expectation that applications be easy to understand and use. An attractive, simple user interface and ease of setup allows these time-constrained individuals to accomplish tasks more quickly. Since they are generally serving multiple roles within their company, getting more done in less time is important.

Simplicity in Sales Speak

Describing the features and benefits of a software product in layman’s terms rather than advanced tech phrases is more appealing to SMB leaders. They typically appreciate a straight message that clearly explains what the product can do for them. Mentioning financial benefits such as cost savings or a boost to revenue is alluring, as many of these hard working managers have a constant eye on the bottom line. In addition, illustrating ease of use is a great way to engage these potential customers, so offering self-service demos, tutorials, a sandbox, or trial software to get them started is quite effective.

Talk About Security

A major reason that many organizations hesitate to enter into cloud arrangements is the lack of understanding or confidence in the security of the cloud environment. Protecting customer and company data is a high priority, and the added benefit to security that SaaS tools can afford an SMB is a valuable point to discuss. Talk about topics such as identity theft, ransomware, and viruses as issues that the product addresses effectively. SaaS offerings often have many built-in protection protocols, which can truly help a growing business.

Publish Testimonials

Existing customers are one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Rave reviews from companies who are already using the software will speak volumes to potential clients. A customer community socially discussing the quality of the solution in their own words helps prospects visualize how it may aid their own organization. If an offering has been mentioned by an independent (credible) publication as a top solution, post links to these references as well.

Clarity of Pricing

Anyone who has sought out product pricing only to see “call for quote” flash across their screen will express annoyance with this sales method. Establishing a simple, easy to understand pricing structure with no fine print AND making it accessible saves these professionals time and effort when shopping for solutions.

Additionally, creating flexible offerings such as basic to premium packages and a la carte purchasing options opens the door to businesses starting small and eventually expanding. Obtaining an entry level customer paves the way for added spending as they can afford it, fostering loyalty.

Outstanding Customer Service

Above all else, SaaS customers in the SMB genre need reliable access to quality customer support. Failing to provide this will result in disenfranchised users and negative publicity across social media. On the other hand, great customer service results in happy customers who will continue the business relationship and attract others within their reach.

Growing businesses need flexible, cost effective solutions. Cloud products and SaaS options are a perfect fit for these businesses, and signing them on can be as simple as using the right selling strategies. For more information on marketing cloud to SMBs, contact Coda Global today.

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