Cloud Development Solutions

Coda Global cloud development solutions were forged in the cloud to build, deploy, and support your business projects. Whether your idea is to refresh a heritage application, cloud-enable an existing business processes, or build an entirely new and cloud-native business, our experienced, global team is with you 24/7, from concept to delivery to ongoing support. We work with you and your team at every step along the way, asking questions, providing insight and guidance, and achieving your vision.

Choosing the right architecture and adopting DevOps is critical to your long-term success. Coda can provide guidance and a roadmap, support for your execution, and ongoing managed services and continuous innovation using cloud technologies.

We make experienced decisions and we move quickly, but we don’t confuse motion with progress. Our cloud development solutions help you realize value quickly and we provide continuous innovation to ensure ongoing improvement and strong support. This means you can get your app, project, product, service, or new business model to market quickly, effectively, and efficiently. We help you turn your technology spending into business outcomes.

Coda Cloud Development Solutions span the entire lifecycle of your project – from AI & Machine Learning to Cloud Application Development, to DevOps, to Cloud Automation, to Cloud Management and Operations.

Learn more about our Cloud Development Solutions:

AI & Machine Learning

We can help guide you to find the right solution for applying machine learning.

Cloud Application Development

Our experienced, global team will design, develop, deploy, and scale your application in the cloud.


We deliver IT using automation, orchestration, continuous development and integration.

Cloud Automation

We remove the manual complexity of creating and orchestrating your cloud environment.

Cloud Management & Operations

We improve efficiency and minimize disruption, reduce costs and speed production of everything-you-need-as-a-service for your business.