Assessment Offerings

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Assessment Offerings

Application Transformation & Development

When moving to a cloud consumption model, taking legacy applications to a public, private, or hybrid cloud via the “lift-and-shift” model doesn’t always produce the desired results.

Coda Global’s expert team of technology consultants will guide your application transformation journey to its destination of flexible, scalable, easily updatable solutions; empowering the speed of continuous delivery. We’ll help you find the cloud model that is right for your organization now and that can scale with your business in the future.


• Executive Summary
• Application Transformation & Development Roadmap
• Underlying Detailed Input & Discovery Material

Critical Questions

1. Do any of your business-critical applications hold your business back from achieving true market potential?
2. Can you count on your applications to deliver scalable capacity on demand as needed?
3. Can you rely on your applications to always be available and accessible to you and your customers/end-users?
4. How quickly can you add new services or capabilities to your core applications as new business opportunities arise? Are you satisfied with those timelines?
5. Can you access your applications securely, from anywhere, on any device?

Application Performance (APM)

Coda Global’s seasoned technology experts will help you identify application performance problems before your users do, whether in your data center infrastructure, an application’s code, your cloud provider, network, or the internet.

Through the use of application-centric APM and performance monitoring, probing, and testing, we’ll assess the overall health of how well an application is running.

Not knowing why something doesn’t work the way that it should isn’t something anyone should have to deal with when it comes to the tools and applications you depend on to run your business.

We can help.


• Executive Summary
• Application Performance Monitoring – Technical Summary
• Underlying Detailed Technical Output & Deliverables

Critical Questions

1. Do you find that your users experience a problem before you know about it?
2. Can you quickly discern whether the network is slow versus whether the application is slow?
3. Does your application performance have a direct impact on your revenue?
4. How important is understanding end-user experiences & infrastructure performance as it relates to application performance?

Cloud Readiness & Strategy

Coda Global’s interview, discussion, and survey-driven Cloud Readiness & Strategy Assessment helps to map out your organization’s ability to become a DevOps-enabled and Cloud-first business.

Not all clouds are the same, and not all clouds are the right solution for all businesses. Coda Global will help you develop the cloud strategy that meets the unique needs of your business.


• Cloud Readiness Scorecard & Strategy Roadmap

Critical Questions

1. Do you have a directive to move your applications to the cloud but aren’t sure where to start?
2. When was your last application outage and what was the business and financial impact? Was it preventable?
3. Are you concerned that your organization might not be ready for building and supporting cloud-native applications and services and are you looking for guidance on where you to prioritize?
4. Have you researched multi-cloud strategies that protect you from price gouging or outages/service interruptions?

Hybrid Cloud Assessment & Migration Services

What do you get when you combine sound strategy and data-driven decision-making? A winning combination – every time.

Your ability to scale up further on-premises or into public, private, and hybrid clouds is questionable until you can measure your current state and associated maturity across a variety of technology topics and disciplines. By jumping into new consumption models without ensuring you understand all the underlying factors, you could be taking on unnecessary financial and operational risks.

Understanding your current state, both culturally and technologically, is also pre-cursor to automation and orchestration for your new cloud-enabled business.

The Coda Global team will help you achieve that winning combination through our Cloud Readiness & Strategy sessions with in-depth Network & Data Center and Application Transformation & Development Assessments.


• Executive Summary
• Hybrid Cloud Transformation & Migration Roadmap
• Technical Summaries – Component Assessment Presentations
• Underlying Detailed Technical Output & Deliverables

Critical Questions

1. Do you have applications, or parts of an application, that are inhibitors to growth or innovation?
2. Has a decision been made to achieve greater automation in application or service development?
3. Do you often miss market opportunities due to the amount of time it takes to deliver apps or services?
4. Are you trying to gain greater flexibility/reuse/density of workloads on hardware or virtualization environment(s)?

Network & Data Center Assessments

Cloud. Automation. Containers. Orchestration. SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, XaaS. Software and service-defined everything. None of the cool stuff that makes life better and easier works when you can’t get the components from here to there.

With the Coda Global Network & Data Center Assessment, we examine your entire network, from the access port your users connect to, through your WAN, into your data center(s), out to the cloud, and back again. Simultaneously. We will help you transform your network into a communications platform ready to embrace the cloud and all of its beneficial business and technological impacts.

The end result? A smarter, faster, better network.


• Executive Summary
• Network & Data Center Transformation & Migration Roadmap
• Technical Summary
• Underlying Detailed Technical Output & Deliverables

Critical Questions

1. Do you have a cloud-ready network?
2. What percentage of your network management & administration is automated/orchestrated?
3. Can you identify impacted network/application performance as it happens?
4. How often is your documentation updated? Can you guarantee it is accurate? Can you imagine an operating model where the network & infrastructure management tools document the environment automatically?

Carrier Services Analysis

Typically executed as part of a Network & Data Center Assessment, the Coda Global Carrier Services Analysis process can be delivered as a stand-alone service.

Our carrier-independent advisory service offers multiple solutions at wholesale rates, completely avoiding any predisposition or bias towards pre-existing procurement arrangements. Typically, we’re able to achieve a 10-20% reduction in spend with carriers and ISPs.

Whether looking at the hundreds or thousands of connections your mature, multinational Fortune 100-500-1000 enterprise has globally, or serving as the single connection at HQ for your small business or startup, we can make sure you’re getting the best deal from the best carrier. We can’t wait to find out how much money we can save you.


• Executive Summary & Carrier Services Roadmap
• Carrier Analysis Workbook

Critical Questions

1. If you could reduce network connectivity OPEX by 10% or 20% (or more), what would you do with that newfound budget?
2. When was your WAN architecture or design developed? How many ISPs do you have? Does your current design make consuming cloud and XaaS easier or harder?
3.How important is High Availability & Fault Tolerance at the network edge to your business? Can you afford an outage?
4. Do you continue to do business with your current carriers/ISPs because it is easy, and not move away from them or shop your business because it is hard?

M&A IT Rationalization

When two businesses come together, everyone is excited, focused on the possibilities of what the new organization will be able to achieve, looking forward to synergies and all the other buzzword bingo that occurs when companies merge.

Once your merger is complete, would you prefer to truly be a new business, reborn from the best parts of the two (or more) organizations, or a patchwork of technology, people, and process, hastily stitched together and pushed out into the world and expected to perform?

Coda Global’s M&A IT Rationalization Assessment helps to create a holistic picture of how business is supported by technology and culture across both companies, quickly and easily, without disrupting normal operations. You keep the lights on, we’ll help you figure out how to combine two businesses from the wires all the way to the boardroom.

We provide detail and clarity on how the new, combined enterprise will be able to more quickly achieve the business benefits that brought the two companies together in the first place.


• Executive Summary & Scorecard
• IT Merger Strategy and Roadmap
• Technical Summary
• Underlying Detailed Technical Output & Deliverables

Critical Questions

1. How many legacy applications do you have that are still being supported years after the last merger or acquisition?
2. Are the IT teams from both organizations included in up-front strategic & tactical planning?
3.How do you plan on integrating the new systems and assets into your existing processes and governance model while keeping the lights on with the technology that you already have?

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