Cloud Seed Assessment

Cloud Seed Assessment

A simple, straightforward, prescriptive way to define your next steps.


Using our experience and methodology, Coda will audit your processes and, leveraging our inventory of previously built components, build a cloud architecture that supports your transition into Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

What We Cover:

  • Optimize legacy systems for cloud. Improve speed to provision managed infrastructure services and end points.
  • Improve efficiency of compute infrastructure.
  • Clean up underutilized hardware, inactive and abandoned VMs, and stranded host resources.
  • Address volume of service requests from business users.
  • Increase visibility into spend and complex processes to assess cost of IaaS services.
  • Improve benchmark information to enable effective sourcing decisions.
  • Increase awareness at the application tier.
  • Secure cloud environments and address “airgaps” and compliance issues.
  • Identify organizational complexity and increase cooperation.
  • Take advantage of virtual cloud platform services.


Solutions Done in a New Way

Let Coda help you on your journey to the cloud.