Cloud Orchestration

Cloud Orchestration

Cloud Orchestration

From simple to complex application stacks, Coda provides a Service Catalogue of cloud content and the ability to build customized templates. The Coda Cloud Orchestration capability covers your needs and deploys them using the best of breed tools and best practices. This gives you control over the exact characteristics of your cloud resources. Manage system configuration with commonly used scripting languages like Chef or Puppet. Our Service Catalogue helps you get started, with a library of pre-built templates that you can download and modify to meet your unique needs.

Save Time

Spin up a full production environment plus software with just a few clicks—so you can spend your time innovating, not installing.

Best Practices

We created the templates based on years of experience managing, scaling, and optimizing cloud stacks, so you can be confident you’re building on a solid foundation.

Optimal Performance

Automating stacks give you the confidence of knowing that your software is configured and optimized for the cloud.

Solutions Done in a New Way

Let Coda help you on your journey to the cloud.