Cloud Services

Cloud Services & DevOps

Cloud Computing

Coda Cloud Services helps you attain your business goals and address your pain points related to your adoption of cloud computing, Adopting the cloud is not as simple as signing up for a cloud provider and building some APIs. Choosing the right architecture and adopting DevOps is critical to your long-term success. Coda can provide the guidance on your road map, support for your execution, and ongoing managed services and continuous innovation using cloud technologies..

IT Transformation

Our team gives you operator-level guidance on how to migrate, architect, secure and operate your cloud resources across AWS®, IBM SoftLayer®, Azure, OpenStack®, Private and Hybrid Cloud platforms.

App Transformation

Adopt DevOps with the help of Coda experts and a proven knowledge base of best practices and templates. Whether you are new to DevOps or looking to mature your capabilities, we can right-fit a team for your business needs.

Infrastructure Migration

From simple, single-server environments to complex enterprise migrations, Coda has expertise across the leading cloud platforms. Focus less on operational tasks and scripting and more on the business needs and organizational leadership you are intended to provide.

Current State Assessments

Knowing where you are is the first step in knowing where to go. The overall health and readiness of your current environment can be determined and recommendations for improvements given through a proactive, simple and prescriptive assessment.


A straightforward and well defined engagement to apply DevOps principles to your enterprise. Using your existing skills and tools, we apply some real world experience and execute real-world scenarios to build a DevOps environment and code base, from creation to deployment.

Continuous Innovation

Cloud and DevOps are all about continuously improving your business. From an IT perspective, that means an evolving environment, code base, API catalog and team that can execute on-demand.  Coda can help you with this as an extension of your team, or as a pure outsourced managed services partner.

Solutions Done in a New Way

Let Coda help you on your journey to the cloud.