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Coda Global DevOps solutions unite IT development with IT operations to provide faster go-to-market for your app, project, product, service, or new business model. We deliver a straightforward and well-defined engagement to apply DevOps principles to your enterprise. Using your existing skills and tools, we apply our real-world experience and execute real-world scenarios to build a DevOps environment and code base, from creation to deployment.

Coda removes the manual complexity of creating and orchestrating your cloud environment. We provide seamless collaboration with support for continuous deployment and feedback. This enables us to respond to your customers faster without disrupting your business. We employ industry-standard DevOps tools to improve software development quality, increase project management and insight, while delivering team and customer collaboration.

DevOps in the Cloud
We focus on your return on investment by mapping business decisions to outcomes. Our DevOps and Automation capabilities enable us to reliably move from development to operations while rigorously automating processes to provide true DevOps in the cloud.

What We Deliver:

• Cloud Readiness Assessment
• DevOps-as-a-Service
• DevOps Consulting
• Automation & Orchestration
• Continuous Integration / Continuous Development (CI/CD)
• Agile Enterprise

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