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Our team can develop your apps, content and workflows to suit you business needs. We have created a library of assets to increase time to market and our years of expertise means you don’t need to start from scratch with us. We get results, fast.

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User Experience

Your implementation needs an evolved User Experience to drive adoption and ensure the right people are getting the right information at the right time. Our deep UX capabilities cover the entire journey, from requirements to storyboards to design.

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Global Delivery

Having a follow-the-sun model means you get 24 x 7 support and continuous development at reasonable rates.  Our team is not a farm of developers who wear many hats. The Coda team provides a mature and proven process that means you will have the best experience with your IBM software possible

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With years of experience with the technology, we have extracted the common use cases and code assets associated with them and bring them to our customers as part of our as-a-service model. Taking this approach, we are able to be prescriptive about your adoption and features, and our time is spent on configuration, not coding.

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