Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Services

Do you want to embrace Cloud computing and DevOps? Getting there can seem overwhelming. Coda’s Cloud Seed is the solution. With years of experience moving workloads to the cloud, Coda can take you from where you are today to an automated, managed environment in weeks.

Coda has deep expertise in cloud automation tools, from HP to VMWare to IBM. Whether you want comprehensive automation across your enterprise, a self-service user experience with on-demand services, or you want to provide your developers with application stacks running of safe, secure hybrid cloud environments - Coda can help.


Cloud Orchestration

Creating and managing cloud resources should not be a series of manual tasks and last minute script changes. With Coda, you get industry best practices and simplicity. This allows you to save time and focus on creating more value.

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Cloud Seed Assessment

Using our experience and methodology, Coda will audit your processes and build from our inventory a cloud architecture that supports your transition into Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

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Cloud Services and DevOps

Your business demands flexibility, and you need to manage your workloads in many ways. With Coda, you can execute a multi-cloud solution that satisfies all of your business needs, bringing developers and operations together as a seamless delivery team.

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Solutions Done in a New Way

Our monthly subscriptions make even the most advanced technology accessible and affordable.