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Coda + You: Born to Run in the Cloud
By Sam Fatigato, CEO, Coda Global

If you have the opportunity, I encourage you to see Springsteen on Broadway. The show offers an intimate performance with the artist – just Bruce, his guitar, a piano and the audience. He shares his music and personal stories spanning five decades, and even if you weren’t a huge fan walking into the theater, you certainly will have an appreciation for his art and his humanity by the time you leave. I was fortunate to attend a performance with my son earlier this month and I’ve been reflecting on the experience in view of how we work with our clients at Coda.

One of the biggest things I took away from the show is that, just as with great music, creating great art, content, products – or software – takes empathy and collaboration. Springsteen’s empathy is what enabled him to write authentic stories about other people, despite instances where he lacked that personal experience, such as working in a factory or, incredibly, not learning to drive until age 19. He also admits he was not a fan of school, but says that he learned from watching, doing and collaborating with others. His initiative and native talent, plus his ability to learn and collaborate with other musicians, is why he creates great music.

In our case, Coda has the cloud-native talent – musicians (technical experts), instruments (technology and tools) and musical composition (methodology and approach) – necessary to create good software. But you can see from the linked stories in this newsletter that we apply collaboration and empathy to build great software, while solving specific and unique needs for each client – our audience if you will.

We work to meet our customers wherever they are on their Digital and Cloud Transformation journeys. Our team of consultants and developers understand that our clients have desired outcomes as well as constraints that need to be factored into how to achieve the benefits of Digital Transformation. For example, we consider any legacy applications, existing skills, budgets and timelines as we help our clients develop applications born to run in the cloud. Our “performance” is a collaborative and creative experience, with technical and business contributors.

When we apply new, innovative technologies and methodologies like containerization, microservices, native cloud development, open source software, DevOps and continuous innovation, the purpose is to help our clients achieve better outcomes.  And we work with our clients, like the collaboration that goes on in a band or the interaction with an audience of a live show, to take our collective performance to a higher level.

I hope you take a look at the ways in which Coda might help you achieve your goals – and I really encourage you get to see Springsteen on Broadway before the show closes in December.  You will be glad you did.

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