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On April 10, 2017

Promoting a Healthy Work-Life Balance in a DevOps Company

Any company involved in transitioning to a DevOps culture has chosen to reap the rewards of faster software development life cycles and a rapid service delivery model. For some employees involved in the changeover, this is such a drastic shift in thinking that they struggle to find the rhythm or a comfortable fit, which can sometimes
On September 9, 2016

APIs: A Secret Weapon for Small Businesses

Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, may represent a key to success and substantial cost savings for companies of all sizes, but especially for small businesses and startups. These tools can help reduce company overhead and cut costs in surprising ways. APIs manage the interactions between applications and control access to a company’s digital data. Using
On May 20, 2016

7 Ways Managed Services from Coda Global Can Help SMBs

Corporate priorities are shifting, and many functions that were previously performed in-house are now being outsourced to managed services operations. One of the most prevalent shifts has been the transition of IT functions like security and regular maintenance to managed services companies. This frees in-house IT personnel to focus on strategic projects rather than day-to-day work.