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On February 6, 2017

New in 2017: Mobility on an Enterprise Level

The mobile workforce is growing at an exponential pace, and with this growth comes a number of advantages and concerns for businesses that must support an ever-expanding list of devices. Enterprise mobility programs can make this intimidating task much more manageable, enabling adopters to realize the many benefits of mobile. Why Adopt? The world today
On November 14, 2016

Are Personal Mobile Devices Finally “Safe” for Enterprises?

When employees’ mobile devices began to migrate into the office, employers were of two houses.  Either plagued by unanswered questions and potential security risks, they banned non-company devices from accessing the company network, or enticed by possible cost savings, they embraced mobile with open arms. The evolution of centralized management programs as well as added
On November 7, 2016

How Network Security Breaches Happen and What Businesses Can Do About It

Former FBI director Robert Mueller once said, “There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be.” Security is an issue that can’t be taken lightly because every network is vulnerable. IT departments should proceed as if an attack is imminent so that they are prepared to prevent potential threats —
On September 15, 2016

Looking into the Future of Cloud Systems

From individuals on social media to large scale enterprise networks, cloud solutions are now a staple in technology. Over the past decade, cloud adoptions have grown exponentially and are predicted to continue over the next several years. Cloud Capabilities The list of the areas where cloud is found to be useful is certainly significant. As