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On April 26, 2017

Business Mobility: 5 Key Advantages

There’s no doubt the world has gone mobile, both in the consumer space and in the enterprise space. The rapid expansion of mobile technology and usage has led to an enterprise environment that relies on business mobility to remain competitive. Not only is a growing percentage of employees working remotely, which necessitates an enterprise mobility
On April 3, 2017

3 Considerations for Managing a Multi-Cloud Deployment

The enterprise world is one that no longer recognizes physical walls and borders but instead is fluid, dynamic, and mobile. This new paradigm means business mobility is a must for any company that wants to remain competitive. The cloud has emerged to address this borderless business environment, but even the cloud is quickly morphing to accommodate
On February 6, 2017

New in 2017: Mobility on an Enterprise Level

The mobile workforce is growing at an exponential pace, and with this growth comes a number of advantages and concerns for businesses that must support an ever-expanding list of devices. Enterprise mobility programs can make this intimidating task much more manageable, enabling adopters to realize the many benefits of mobile. Why Adopt? The world today
On January 17, 2017

Understanding Digital Transformation: The Pillars of Change

Digital transformation is a growing reality. It is defined as a comprehensive idea that encompasses all the technological factors influencing the way businesses are meeting changing demands. A 2014 MIT review pinpointed and examined the nine elements present in digital transformation, and how the use of technology is being used to “radially improve” the performance and reach
On November 14, 2016

Are Personal Mobile Devices Finally “Safe” for Enterprises?

When employees’ mobile devices began to migrate into the office, employers were of two houses.  Either plagued by unanswered questions and potential security risks, they banned non-company devices from accessing the company network, or enticed by possible cost savings, they embraced mobile with open arms. The evolution of centralized management programs as well as added
On August 12, 2016

4 Considerations When Deploying Security Technology

Technology is rapidly evolving. Mobility and the cloud are two forces that are altering the way employees do their jobs. These technology advances are also radically changing the IT environment and introducing new security challenges and threats. Shadow IT refers to the use of technology within an organization’s IT system without approval. While deployment and use
On July 20, 2016

6 Technologies That Have Revolutionized Sales

Technology has become a disruptive force in almost every aspect of life. The sales process, in particular, has changed drastically to adapt to technology. All facets of sales—from prospecting to closing—are influenced by technology, thanks largely to the introduction and growing use of social media, cloud technologies, and big data. Many companies have chosen to
On June 15, 2016

10 Ways Cloud Computing Is Changing the Business World

Cloud computing has become ubiquitous. Everyday interactions and transactions that take advantage of the Internet are likely operating in a cloud environment, including social media, banking, corresponding with co-workers and clients, and other day-to day functions. The transition from a physical computing environment to a virtual world provides many advantages. Some companies, however, remain skeptical