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On April 3, 2017

3 Considerations for Managing a Multi-Cloud Deployment

The enterprise world is one that no longer recognizes physical walls and borders but instead is fluid, dynamic, and mobile. This new paradigm means business mobility is a must for any company that wants to remain competitive. The cloud has emerged to address this borderless business environment, but even the cloud is quickly morphing to accommodate
On February 13, 2017

6 Steps to Creating a Successful Enterprise Cloud Model

Avoiding downtime is one of the most critical factors when considering implementing cloud services. Unplanned downtime can cause enterprises hundreds of thousands of dollars, and evidence suggests the average cost per instance is increasing each year. The cloud is a potential solution for enterprises seeking to curb the increasing problem of downtime losses. In addition
On January 3, 2017

Cost of Ownership on Public vs. Private Cloud Arrangements: A Matter of Realism

A long-standing assumption in cloud services has been that public cloud is less expensive than a private cloud arrangement. Professionals in IT seem to be sharply divided into one camp or the other on this topic. The answer depends upon how the company is equipped to manage hardware and infrastructure components as well as the
On December 19, 2016

The Great Cloud Debate: Public, Private, or Hybrid?

Many organizations are choosing to migrate to the cloud for their IT needs, but not all cloud options are created equal. Businesses considering a move to the cloud need to consider their requirements and examine their options in order to maximize the value of their cloud deployment. Cloud services fall into three broad categories: public,
On July 12, 2016

Move as Fast as a Start Up With Hybrid Cloud

Businesses utilizing yesterday’s strategies and systems to meet today’s needs can face a strain on budgets, time, productivity, and efficiency. The solution? Hybrid cloud, which allows enterprise IT to function with optimum speed and agility.