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On September 22, 2016

Hybrid Cloud Will Pave the Road to the Future for IaaS and PaaS Implementations

Just a few years ago, many companies viewed cloud-based technologies with skepticism.  Fundamentally changing development and operations paradigms coupled with security fears meant organizations were slow to adopt the cloud.  Thanks for hybrid cloud arrangements and a maturation of DevOps processes, companies are now taking advantage of what cloud has to offer.  Adoption of Infrastructure
On August 26, 2016

Why PaaS Is a Rising Solution for IoT

The total number of network-connected devices is anticipated to grow exponentially over the next five years. The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) has created new demands on technology, but also offers opportunity for new revenue streams. Innovation is a necessity, and fulfilling that need is sometimes a challenge.   Platform as a Service
On July 26, 2016

Do More with the Hybrid Cloud

IT leaders are quickly discovering the value of the hybrid cloud. The allure of elastic compute and storage capacity has opened minds.  A myriad of other capabilities are available through this cloud technology that can help organizations resolve long lists of operational woes and satisfy the backlog of business requests more quickly. Storage As data
On July 14, 2016

Get your Application Portfolio Moving!

The three revolutions in the cloud that can help get you started – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and cloud-ready containers. ·      “I hear we can increase revenue (or decrease costs) by moving to the cloud.” ·      “What’s with this Docker thing and does it affect my bottom line?” ·     
On July 12, 2016

Move as Fast as a Start Up With Hybrid Cloud

Businesses utilizing yesterday’s strategies and systems to meet today’s needs can face a strain on budgets, time, productivity, and efficiency. The solution? Hybrid cloud, which allows enterprise IT to function with optimum speed and agility.
On June 22, 2016

Enterprise Security in a Cloud Society

Today’s security landscape is complex. As applications and data continually move toward cloud infrastructure, it becomes increasingly difficult to protect them adequately. This can be especially true for enterprises using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for their applications. While AWS is a powerful tool, securing around it may be outside the expertise of many IT teams. Following are
On May 20, 2016

7 Ways Managed Services from Coda Global Can Help SMBs

Corporate priorities are shifting, and many functions that were previously performed in-house are now being outsourced to managed services operations. One of the most prevalent shifts has been the transition of IT functions like security and regular maintenance to managed services companies. This frees in-house IT personnel to focus on strategic projects rather than day-to-day work.