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On February 13, 2017

6 Steps to Creating a Successful Enterprise Cloud Model

Avoiding downtime is one of the most critical factors when considering implementing cloud services. Unplanned downtime can cause enterprises hundreds of thousands of dollars, and evidence suggests the average cost per instance is increasing each year. The cloud is a potential solution for enterprises seeking to curb the increasing problem of downtime losses. In addition
On December 27, 2016

Selling SaaS to the SMB

Cloud products, especially Software as a Service (SaaS), are the current “big thing” in IT, helping companies obtain what they need in more flexible delivery methods. In the small to medium business (SMB) arena, this is an especially valuable software model, yet some companies delay making the switch. Following are ways to make cloud products more
On December 19, 2016

The Great Cloud Debate: Public, Private, or Hybrid?

Many organizations are choosing to migrate to the cloud for their IT needs, but not all cloud options are created equal. Businesses considering a move to the cloud need to consider their requirements and examine their options in order to maximize the value of their cloud deployment. Cloud services fall into three broad categories: public,
On December 12, 2016

Network Security: More Critical than Most Companies Think

One of the most important, yet often undervalued, functions of any enterprise or organization is protecting itself from digital security threats. On the surface, most companies say the right things about their commitment to network security, but the actual level of commitment and funding for security initiatives is often less than it should be.  
On December 5, 2016

Outsourcing Security: Making the Right Call

Cloud and “as a Service” vendors offer nearly everything these days, from software to development platforms and network infrastructure. This has given companies affordable options, especially in the small to medium business (SMB) category. One service offering, security, has begun to rise in popularity. Here’s what to know when considering a transition to an outsourced
On November 21, 2016

Mind the Gap: The Practices that Are the Difference Between Security and Breach

There’s a major difference between the top and bottom ranked companies where security is concerned. Those in the top percentile understand what it means to have a solid game plan and adequate defenses surrounding their systems, and are able to competently and consistently execute their enterprise protection strategies. Those on the bottom tier, on the
On November 14, 2016

Are Personal Mobile Devices Finally “Safe” for Enterprises?

When employees’ mobile devices began to migrate into the office, employers were of two houses.  Either plagued by unanswered questions and potential security risks, they banned non-company devices from accessing the company network, or enticed by possible cost savings, they embraced mobile with open arms. The evolution of centralized management programs as well as added
On November 7, 2016

How Network Security Breaches Happen and What Businesses Can Do About It

Former FBI director Robert Mueller once said, “There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be.” Security is an issue that can’t be taken lightly because every network is vulnerable. IT departments should proceed as if an attack is imminent so that they are prepared to prevent potential threats —
On October 3, 2016

In Search of Secure DevOps

If you are of a certain age, you may recall seeing ads for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups that depicted a scenario where chocolate and peanut butter are accidentally combined, changing the landscape of candy manufacturing…forever!  As a big fan of Reese’s Cups myself, I wholeheartedly agree that combining chocolate and peanut butter in the right
On September 2, 2016

Continuously Improve Your Business with Cloud & DevOps

Cloud computing and DevOps are often talked about as separate entities, but businesses that combine them are outperforming their competitors. See why the cloud and DevOps go hand-in-hand for interdepartmental collaboration and more efficient operation overall. Click below to embed the above image into your website <img src=”http://www.coda.global/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/CodaGlobal_DevOps_graphic_v2.jpg” width=”300″ /> <br />View full infographic Source: