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On January 17, 2017

Understanding Digital Transformation: The Pillars of Change

Digital transformation is a growing reality. It is defined as a comprehensive idea that encompasses all the technological factors influencing the way businesses are meeting changing demands. A 2014 MIT review pinpointed and examined the nine elements present in digital transformation, and how the use of technology is being used to “radially improve” the performance and reach
On September 15, 2016

Looking into the Future of Cloud Systems

From individuals on social media to large scale enterprise networks, cloud solutions are now a staple in technology. Over the past decade, cloud adoptions have grown exponentially and are predicted to continue over the next several years. Cloud Capabilities The list of the areas where cloud is found to be useful is certainly significant. As
On July 20, 2016

6 Technologies That Have Revolutionized Sales

Technology has become a disruptive force in almost every aspect of life. The sales process, in particular, has changed drastically to adapt to technology. All facets of sales—from prospecting to closing—are influenced by technology, thanks largely to the introduction and growing use of social media, cloud technologies, and big data. Many companies have chosen to