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On May 8, 2017

Digital Transformation: A Disruptor’s Tool for Changing the Playing Field

In a world that is changing quickly, driven largely by technology, it is no longer adequate for enterprises to move at human speed. To remain competitive, productive, and cost effective, businesses must embrace the possibilities of digital transformation and the benefits of moving at the speed of technology. This transformation is not necessarily a comfortable
On May 1, 2017

Changing IT Procurement in the Era of Cloud Shift

The past five years have seen an increasing transition to “as a Service” and cloud solutions. This trend is predicted to see continued growth and expansion. With this cloud shift comes the opportunity for change to other organizational processes, one of which is in IT procurement. The modern business environment has empowered IT departments to
On January 17, 2017

Understanding Digital Transformation: The Pillars of Change

Digital transformation is a growing reality. It is defined as a comprehensive idea that encompasses all the technological factors influencing the way businesses are meeting changing demands. A 2014 MIT review pinpointed and examined the nine elements present in digital transformation, and how the use of technology is being used to “radially improve” the performance and reach
On December 5, 2016

Outsourcing Security: Making the Right Call

Cloud and “as a Service” vendors offer nearly everything these days, from software to development platforms and network infrastructure. This has given companies affordable options, especially in the small to medium business (SMB) category. One service offering, security, has begun to rise in popularity. Here’s what to know when considering a transition to an outsourced