The Real Meaning of ‘Data-Driven Disruption’

The Real Meaning of ‘Data-Driven Disruption’

By Troy Vetter, COO, Coda Global

One of the most often-used, but least understood IT phrases today is “data-driven disruption.” When examining what this means to your business, it’s important to understand that “disruption” is simply a nicer word for “obsolescence through displacement.” If a product, tool, or process is better, faster, cheaper, etc., it will replace the earlier version – and this is not new. Back in my business school days, the process of displacement was referred to as the “Old Guard” vs. the “Young Turks,” and it was simply the understood cycle of business.

When a new way to do something is created and becomes very successful, and then it is replaced by another new and better way to do that same thing, disruption has taken place. The main differentiator in the world’s current version of this cycle has been that of “convergence” where the “new” is displacing or replacing several “olds” in one fell swoop – and that’s the advantage data brings to the table.

A data-driven disrupter uses what is known about consumer wants, needs, desires and habits to create a new way of doing things that is completely unique and suited to those requirements.

The iPhone, for example, didn’t just displace other phones – it displaced your GPS, watch, music player, notebook and Filofax organizers (remember those?).  The effect was nearly immediate and extremely dramatic.  It has been a capstone illustration for the rapidity with which “displacement” has been happening over the past 40-plus years.  As more data is captured, stored and crunched at increasing speeds, the disruption taking place in nearly every business is heating up.

In AppDev in particular, some days it feels as if the “normal” business cycle has been displaced and replaced with a business cyclone. The result of this cyclone is that the pace of our internal cycles of growth, change and adaptation have to increase to keep up or the business – whatever business you are in – is at risk.

There is a famous barb that says, “Every party has a bore in it. Glance around and if all you see are interesting people, then you, sir, are the bore.” This is just as true for our companies and competition as it is for partygoers. In every market, at nearly any time, someone is being “displaced” by an innovator. If you look around your market and everyone else is doing well, then you, unfortunately, are being displaced.

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