Want to Achieve Real Business Transformation? Start with Modern Data Integration First.

Want to Achieve Real Business Transformation? Start with Modern Data Integration First.

Over the last decade, the world of technology has become intensely data-focused. As a society, we generate more data than ever before, and that trend had no indication of stopping.  Collecting, assessing, and using big data to make meaningful strategic decisions has become a discipline in its own right. This transition is referred to as Modern Data Integration, and it’s absolutely essential to companies that are seeking true business transformation.


Data Affects Everyone

Regardless of industry or size, all companies have experienced some impact from the evolution of data. Information is used to affect consumer psychology, customer satisfaction, and product development as well as to increase transaction count and solve major world or industry problems. Capitalizing on the way data has matured is imperative, as is maintaining flexibility in dealing with such a lifelike object. A commitment to process improvement and pliability will help an organization better itself on multiple levels and increase its ability to automate with help from findings.


Don’t Restrict the Picture

Data comes from anywhere and everywhere. Limiting collection and digestion of it to a specific list of sources is foolhardy. Business transformation cannot be complete without scientists molding data and making it usable. From graph databases and situational awareness technologies to data virtualization, tools for integration and analysis are becoming stronger over time. They’re now better equipped for flexibility, relevance, and rapid output. Modern Data Integration also focuses on data integrity, quality, and relevance and employs data profiling to use information more effectively.



Accepting data can be generated anywhere, means it also may be stored or live anywhere.  Building comprehensive data solutions mean we must accommodate a wide range of data residencies from cloud to cloud, on-premise to cloud (or vice versa) and strictly on-premise. For business transformation to occur, the appropriate flow, relevance, and relationship of information is key. No matter where the data must live, a service exists to support it, making it flexible and accessible for inclusion in Modern Data Integration solutions.


Necessary Applications

Modern data integration needs a facilitator to result in business transformation, which is where master data management (MDM) tools fit into the picture. Applications specializing in MDM help connect the dots between pieces of data and real world transactions and individuals and apply business strategies to those connections in a meaningful way. Additionally, they help companies remain agile and curve to accommodate new visions or objectives. Lastly, they give lay-people usable data integration tools and IT specialists the ability to conduct complex manipulation and analysis in efficient ways by using flexible modules that can be quickly repurposed.


Business transformation is not realistically achievable without Modern Data Integration, and the future will only multiply the evidence to that fact. The world now revolves around data, and a forward-thinking company will embrace it. For more information on data management strategies, contact Coda Global today.

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