What Our 40+ AWS Certifications Mean to You

What Our 40+ AWS Certifications Mean to You

By Troy Vetter, Chief Operations Officer, and Sharan Gurunathan, Executive Vice President and Principal Solutions Architect

We recently had a client in the Northeast that is a very successful and fast-growing developer of business-productivity software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions come to us with a problem. The client has a brilliant team of developers on staff, and they have created some amazing SaaS offerings. The most recent one, however, was created in an MVP style – a minimal viable product style – so that they could quickly get it into the hands of waiting customers. The problem was, the new offering was not written as a cloud-native application, and the company had not planned to host it in the cloud from the start. As a result, when this new offering became wildly popular, it simply couldn’t scale.

When they contacted Coda, we knew exactly what to do. While their own AppDev team worked on innovative updates and changes to their product, we worked behind the scenes to re-engineer their app for the cloud. Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the platform, we built a DevOps pipeline and an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offering to support the solution giving them a fully automated, scalable SaaS product that could handle both continuous innovation and massive growth simultaneously. Today, the more sales they make the better. With some re-engineering and a calculated move to AWS, we were able to provide them with a cloud platform that offers faster delivery of their SaaS solution to both existing and new partners, automatically scaling as the client’s sales grow.

One of the key reasons we were able to do this so effectively is because, at Coda, we are literally cloud obsessed. We live, breathe and think of nothing more than how to optimize our clients’ applications for the cloud. And we’ve chosen AWS as our platform of choice because it’s the market leader, it has a substantial number of development tools available, and it provides full regulatory compliance for government and healthcare organizations. Because we believe in the platform so strongly, we’ve made a significant investment in training our team on the AWS platform earning over 40 AWS certifications in a variety of categories – including AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, AWS Certified Developer-Associate, and AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Professional – to date. That’s one certification for every two people on our staff, a significant benchmark that you can use when evaluating Coda as a potential AppDev partner.

But it’s also important to note that, even though we are committed to AWS as a public cloud platform, we know that you may not want to be locked into platform-specific services that cause you to lose the ability to make platform-independent development choices. By working with a company like Coda, while we are a cloud-obsessed AWS-certified developer, we are independent from AWS, and we can help you make decisions that best meet your organization’s specific needs along the way.

By combining our extensive AWS expertise with our very deep cloud-centric AppDev skillsets, we can perform cloud-native application development using all of the latest microservices from Amazon as well as technologies like AWS’ Lambda serverless compute service, cloud containers, database-as-a-service (DBaaS) and Amazon SageMaker to perform full-stack development in the cloud. We can also help with infrastructure and application migrations and replacements on AWS. And we can do all of this in a way that takes advantage of AWS’ tools as well as its security and compliance capabilities without locking you in to the AWS platform for life.

Want to Learn More? What is a cloud-native format and why does it matter when creating your application? How do you handle legacy apps – should you “lift and shift” them to the cloud or do you need to refactor them? Ever wish someone could simply manage your cloud environment for you? To find out the answers to these and other questions about your company’s journey to the cloud, and to learn what Coda Global can do for you, let’s start a conversation: http://ow.ly/glmE30l5adL.

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