Why Being an IBM Partner Pays Off

Why Being an IBM Partner Pays Off

By Sam Fatigato, CEO, Coda Global

I have spent more than 35 years leveraging innovative IBM technologies to make clients successful, first as an IBMer for a dozen years, then as an executive and co-founder at multiple IBM partner consultancies. Over the years, IBM has been a key reason why these companies were successful. Through the .com fallout and 2008 financial crisis, my companies not only survived, we thrived—and that’s largely because our IBM partnership.  There are four constants that have been, and continue to be, a recipe for success.

  1. First and foremost, as a valued and knowledgeable Partner, we provide IBM a feedback loop – open, honest communication about what’s working and what’s not, the best strategies for practical deployment at client locations, and how solutions stack up against the competition.
  2. A multi-faceted relationship that benefits both parties. We engage with IBM along every stage, from product development to sales and presales technical, to services delivery and technical support. In turn, they could count on us to be IBM experts and advocates. Bob McDonald, who ran IBM support, once said to me, “I like when your team is engaged. The customer stresses IBM Support less and only for true product defects that have been clearly identified.”
  3. We maintain a laser-like focus on solving the customer’s problem first. That often means integrating across multiple IBM products as well as non-IBM technology.  We don’t blame the product, we work the problem.
  4. Lastly, celebrating wins is what keeps employees engaged and inspires them to continuously improve their skills so they’re ready to meet the next challenge. When the inevitable tough situations come up, being able to point to successes and references goes a long way. IBM supports that through their win wires, co-marketing dollars, and, again, the feedback loop.

We have come to expect much from IBM in terms of innovative products that are secure, can scale and are “enterprise grade”; combine that with honest dialogue and mutual success, and we have a partnership that lasts.

Reach out to learn more about how Coda Global is collaborating with IBM to build solutions for todays problems:info@coda.global

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