Why Effective Communication is the Key to AppDev Success

Why Effective Communication is the Key to AppDev Success

By Troy Vetter, COO, Coda Global

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned while working in the AppDev world is that you cannot be an island.  People often picture software developers as reclusive coding gurus who sit alone in a room with their keyboards emerging only for a cup of coffee now and then.  While that paints an amusing and stereotypical picture, it’s certainly not a recipe for success.

In application development, you can’t be siloed.  Developers have to communicate – and they have to communicate well – if they want their projects to succeed. In fact, effective communication may be the No. 1 most important tool in a developer’s toolkit, yet it is often the most overlooked and least used tool they have.

Technological advancements – particularly as they relate to the cloud – have made a lot of things easier, but developers still have to talk to people, brainstorming with them to ensure the team has a common vision for the application that everyone buys into from the start. Without that vision, the project won’t go where you want it to go. In application development, if the program doesn’t meet the customer’s or user’s needs, it won’t matter if your application is the most elegant or that your code is the best and the cleanest. The most important goal is to deliver something of value to the end user – and that starts with effective communication that involves all of the project’s key stakeholders – including the development team and line-of-business users – from the beginning.

What does that kind of communication look like in practice? How do you begin the process? We’ve narrowed it down to four steps that we call our “RightStart” methodology because it kicks off every AppDev project with the right start it for success from the very beginning.

  • Ideate and Gather: Start by sitting down with all of the key stakeholders from different areas of the business and brainstorming with them about what they are trying to accomplish.
  • Design and Align: Next, assemble a development team that fully understands and embraces the vision.
  • Build and Test: Now, it’s time to build and test the application. And test it again.  And it’s important to involve all the key stakeholders again at this stage to be certain the app is performing as intended.
  • Measure and Deploy: The testing and measurement phases must also be closely linked and stakeholders from the development team must work hand-in-hand with line-of-business users with each communicating very clearly about what works and what doesn’t work so that, in the end, everyone involved is certain the app meets the objective. 

Want to Learn More?
Hear Coda Global COO Troy Vetter discuss the importance of communication to the success of an AppDev project in an educational video – “Brainstorm Before Jumpstarting AppDev Projects.” Next, read a blog from Coda Global CEO Sam Fatigato that examines the role of tech-focused brainstorming in shorter AppDev timelines. Then, explore Coda Global’s RightStart methodology and how it helps businesses launch new applications in just a few weeks, then download an infographic that illustrates the process that turns an application dream into a dream application. Finally, contact us and let us show you what Coda Global can do for you.

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